Drawing from Rafe Pearlman’s experiences growing up in the Alaskan wilderness, Kanu is an immersive multidisciplinary performance. Featuring Pearlman’s lush and dynamic vocals, in collaboration with world class guest musicians, Daniel Berkman , Chihsuan, Josh Mellinger and Joshua Penman, Kanu takes you on a journey into a wild and interactive landscape of song, soundscapes, visual installations and storytelling.

“Rafe Pearlman’s sensory rich, visual, musical performance,…

“Kanu”, was a memory driven journey of his coming of age on the Alaska Frontier. Collaborating with world class musicians, Rafe’s stunning vocals and heartfelt words evoked the unexpected bond between nature and the boy.”

“KANU was more than I could have hoped for or imagined…

vulnerable, artistic…and so full of love”

“Have you ever had an experience that was so uplifting and so meaningful….

and so poignant and so artistically elegant and so poetic and so heartfelt and so masterfully impeccable and so musically and visually beautiful that you wished every single person that you know and love in the entire world was there sharing it with you as you’re singing at the top of your lungs in a sold out room full of friends and strangers alike? I had one of those tonight. Rafe S. Pearlman, Jake Perrine and friends took us home to the stars, the oceans and the wilderness. Tears freely flowed, laughs emerged and the hairs on my arms stood up with the wildness and innocence of the electricity in the air.”

“Rafe Pearlman’s show KaNu is a luscious soundscape

of story and music that takes you on a journey through the worlds. His rich voice is timeless and invokes ceremony from beginning to end. The musicians are stellar and the sound and video images blend together in an amazing art piece that carries it all. I was mesmerized and transported from beginning to end. More than a Concert, this is a ritual installation of story, heart, sounds and sight. Highly recommended to all! “