Rafe Pearlman started his singing career with the wolves, ravens and sled dogs of the Alaskan wilderness. The wild nature of his exploratory singing has led to performances spanning the globe, from India, Hong Kong, Israel and Germany, to Italy, France, Spain, Australia, Thailand, Mexico and all across the United States. Rafe’s intention with his music is to inspire a vision of a world in harmony and unity, celebrating diversity, sustainability, and equality for all beings. Sometimes a simple song is all it takes to open a connection.

Daniel Berkman is a San Francisco based composer, kora player, oudist, electronic musician, multi-instrumentalist and recording artist.

“Treating the timeless instruments I play and the music I create as unique happenings, inspiring awe, seeking revelation.”

Chihsuan, a GRAMMY-nominated multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer, hails from Taiwan. Her exceptional skills on the violin, erhu, and piano have allowed her to explore diverse genres and captivate audiences worldwide.
Chihsuan’s versatility has left an indelible mark on the music industry. Collaborations with luminaries such as Yo-Yo Ma, Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, David Foster, and performance for His Holiness the Dalai Lama underscore her exceptional artistry.

Josh Mellinger is a multi-instrumental percussionist based in the Bay Area. He graduated in Percussion Performance BFA at CalArts under the guidance of Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri, RandyGloss, Houman Pourmehdi and David Johnson. He is a currently a student at the Ali Akbar College of Music, continuing Tabla studies with Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri. He has performed and recorded with many groups in the US and internationally. He has done several theatrical productions including a world premier of the award winning musical “Lovesick”, and performances in Vietnam with Van-Anh-Vo and the Blood moon orchestra as part of the United States Embassy’s Cultural exchange program.

Joshua Penman

Joshua Penman is a pianist, composer, and producer. Recently he has made records for Ayla Nereo, Fia, Marya Stark, and Mikey Pauker; previous projects have included creating and touring with the electronic band Akara, scoring a handful of films, writing concert music for a number of orchestras, choirs, and chamber groups. He is currently working on the first releases for two new bands: one with Rafe Pearlman and Daniel Berkman, the other with violinist Vivian Lazlo.

Jake Perrine

Jake has been honored to take this trip with Rafe, from inception to tonight. It has been a joyous creative experience.

Jake is proud to be the current Artistic Director of the Orcas Center where he enjoys his role as a dreamer, an instigator, and a manifester. He is grateful to occasionally stretch his creative ambitions and diverse skillsets on shows like this one, handling stage direction, lighting, projections, and audio mixing.